ISPF Editor
ISPF Editor Command Summary

Use F1 (Help) to get details and examples of using Primary and Line commands

Edit Session Profile
Description Setting
recovery on/off
number on/off
caps on/off
hex on/off
nulls on/off
tabs on/off
note on/off
autonum on/off
autolist on/off
stats on/off
autosave on/off
pack on/off
reset reset the edit display
hilite color reserve words
undo reverse last change

Basic Primary Commands
Command Description
save save the data without ending the edit session
cancel cancel edit without saving the data
find find a specified character string
change find and change a specified character string
exclude exclude lines that contain a specified character string
locate display a particular line in the data
sort sort by specified fields
create create a new member of a partitioned data set
replace replace a member or an entire sequential data set
copy copy data from a member or sequential data set
move move (copy and delete) a member or sequential data set
compare display differences between data sets
submit submit edit JCL as a job stream for background execution

Basic Line Commands
Insert/Delete/Repeat i d r
Copy/Move/After/Before/Overlay c m a b o
Shifting Lines Right/Left ) ( > <
Exclude/Show Lines x f l s
Text Handing te tf ts lc
Miscellaneous bnds cols mask tabs uc
Data md hx

Line Operations for Multiple Lines or Block of Lines
Description Single Multiple Block Dependency
Insert i i#
Delete d d# dd
Repeat r r# rr
Copy c c# cc (b)efore or (a)fter
Move m m# mm (b)efore or (a)fter
Overlay o o# oo (b)efore or (a)fter
Shift Left ( (# ((
Shift Right ) )# ))
After a
Before b

Line Text Handling
Description Line Commands
format screen for power typing text paragraphs te
flow text to the end of a paragraph tf
split a text line at the cursor to allow insertion ts
change text from uppercase to lowercase lc
change text from lowercase to uppercase uc

Basic Primary Commands
Description Line Ranges
unique .string .a
unique .string .b
c abc 123 .a .b all

Line Miscellaneous
Description Line Commands
display and allow changes to the current bounds bnds
display formatted line for identifying display columns cols
display and allow changes to the current mask mask
display and allow changes to the current tabs line tabs