Completing Part 2


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Part 2 z/OS hands-on experience prepared you for Part 3.

Part 3 winner circle includes significant exposure to many companies who have a need to hire someone like you that demonstrated the willingness
and capability to learn from senior z/OS technicians to take over the responsibilities of maintaining systems hosting critical business applications.

List of z/OS experiences acquired as a result of completing Part 2:
  • TN3270 Emulator
  • TSO, Time Sharing Option
  • ISPF, Interactive Productivity Facility
  • ISPF Editor
  • SDSF, System Display and Search Facility
  • Hexadecimal, EBCDIC, ASCII, and Packed Decimal
  • JCL, Job Control Language
  • Sequential and Partitioned Data Sets
  • VSAM Data Sets
  • IDCAMS Utility Program
  • Unix System Services and Unix Files
  • DB2 SQL

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