Getting Started
Part Two - Challenge #01


Congratulations on your decision to participate in the Part 2 journey.

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Contest ID in the instructions:
  All references to Z##### are examples.
  Substitute your assigned ID in all cases.

You will learn about z/OS TSO, Time Sharing Option

The challenge objective is familiarity with TSO, Time Sharing Option.

  • TN3270 LOGON results in a session with TSO.
  • TSO is a command line interface, CLI, without full screen support.
  • Password is required on the TSO LOGON screen.
  • The contest system is customized to automatically start ISPF, a panel driven interface with full screen support. Therefore, you do not see the TSO Ready prompt during LOGON process.
  • The TSO logon screen was customized with LOGOFF in the Command field.
     LOGOFF in the Command field bypasses the TSO Ready prompt.


Access TSO Ready prompt, then complete TSO tasks as instructed

Logon to z/OS as you learned in Part 1, then pause after typing your password and read the following:

Command ===> logoff
in the TSO/E LOGON display.

The result is execution of TSO logoff upon termination of ISPF session.
Tab to logoff and use space bar to remove logoff, then enter to proceed to ISPF Primary Option Menu.
From ISPF Primary Option Menu, enter x to terminate the ISPF session.

The following display may or may not appear.

If the following screen appears, then enter 2 to Delete data set without printing.

The Log Data Set contains activity from session which is no longer needed.

Actions to complete challenge #01

Termination of ISPF session should now result in the TSO READY prompt.

The following text lines are for copy and paste convenience to help complete the challenge quickly:
    submit 'zos.public.jcl(part2)'
    allocate dataset(p2.output(#01)) file(sysut2) shr
    allocate dataset('') file(sysut1) shr
    allocate dummy file(sysin) reuse shr
    logon z#####

Below is only a description of the actions you will take in the screen shot following this description.

  1. Enter time command to verify READY prompt environment
  2. Submit a JCL job entering submit 'zos.public.jcl(part2)'
  3. Enter a in response to ENTER JOBNAME CHARACTER(S) -
      press enter a few times until MAXCC=0000 is displayed
  4. Allocate your P2.OUTPUT partitioned data set member name #01 assigning a file name SYSUT2
  5. Allocate ZOS.MTM2018.PUBLIC.PDS.DATA partitioned data set member name COUNTRY
      assigning a file name SYSUT1
  6. Allocate DUMMY to system input
      assigning a file name SYSIN
  7. Enter IEBGENER to execute the system generate utility
     where program IEBGENER reads from file name SYSUT1 and writes the content to file name SYSUT2
  8. Enter logon z##### to re-logon to the TSO/ISPF environment
      where z##### must be substituted with your personal ID

Enter TSO commands shown in screen shots below to complete the challenge - remember you have the text above for copy and paste convenience.

The previous action to LOGON from the READY prompt restarted the TSO session.

After typing your password, tab to Command ===> input field and enter logoff in the command field of the TSO/E LOGON panel to save time exiting from the TSO/ISPF session in the future.

While many interact indirectly and unknowingly with mainframes each day, few can say they interacted directly and knowingly with a mainframe today.
You can!

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