Locating Invalid Packed Decimal Data
Part Three - Challenge #10


Guided by sparse instructions, you will apply what you learned in previous challenges

A review of part 3 challenge #03 will help you complete challenge #10.

Challenge #03 used JCL to execute program ICETOOL to display and verify packed decimal format in the account limit and account balance packed decimal fields of each record in ZOS.PUBLIC.BBRI.CLIENTS.

Locate the part 3 challenge #03 JCL execution of program ICETOOL used display and verify packed decimal fields in ZOS.PUBLIC.BBRI.CLIENTS.

The challenge #10 instructions assumes you are aware of the JCL used in challenge #03.

Useful Information

You will see the challenge instructions are very sparse by design. A work scenario might be that a business analyst, auditor, or your supervisor gives you, the experienced technician, an assignment where they have no idea how the assignment is completed.

If you investigated part 3 challenge #03 JCL, then be aware that only VERIFY is needed to complete the assignment. DISPLAY is NOT needed. VERIFY produces a return code 12 as a result of finding invalid packed decimal. However, the invalid packed decimal records are written in JCL job output.

The sparse instructions will force you to put a few things together using skills acquired from the previous challenges.


Identify every invalid packed decimal record found within 10,000 records

ZOS.MTM2018.PUBLIC.PACKED has 10,000 records.

Each record is a single packed decimal field starting in column 1 with a record length of 11 bytes.

Several of the packed decimal records in ZOS.MTM2018.PUBLIC.PACKED are invalid.

Your challenge is to write a report to P3.OUTPUT(#10) identifying every invalid packed decimal record found in ZOS.MTM2018.PUBLIC.PACKED data set.

Accomplishing challenge #10 just proved how much you learned about navigating your way around a z/OS environment.
You can say you have experience with z/OS.

Browse or View P3.OUTPUT(#10) and verify information you expected, then move on to the next challenge!

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