Getting Started
Part Three - Challenge #01

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What you can expect to learn as a result of your Part 3 participation

You will become familiar with syntax associated with frequently used z/OS utility programs and commonly used programming languages.

Early challenges expose you to the flexibility of z/OS sort program utility and assumes you have no experience with program languages.

Code is provided exposing you to the syntax of various program languages.

The learning objective is to become familiar with the syntax of various program languages and how to compile and execute the various program languages. If you do not know how to program, then you might learn to have no fear of programming and even become comfortable with programming.

While many Information Technology jobs have no computer programming requirement, Information Technology professionals know their value and ability to contribute are enhanced by knowledge and familiarity with computer programming.

Part 3 intends to leave you with 5 "best practices" applied to application program development:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Become familiar with system utilities
  3. Do not write a program when a system utility can accomplish the task
  4. Scripting languages are an excellent way to develop program process logic
  5. Use compiled programs when processing a high volume of data

How to get started and complete the challenge

From ISPF panel

  • Enter tso part3

Execution of part3 routine allocated Z#####.P3.OUTPUT and wrote a single line into member #01

The basic skills acquired in Part 2 enabled you to complete the following task using abbreviated instructions

  1. Edit Z#####.P3.OUTPUT(#01) --- remember to substitute Z##### with your ID
  2. Copy in lines from P2.OUTPUT(#01), after, a, the first line number in P3.OUTPUT(#01)
      where copy is an ISPF primary command and after, a, is an ISPF line command
      The result is a line for every country in P3.OUTPUT(#01)
  3. Delete all country lines with the exception of your country
      The result is 2 lines in Z#####.P3.OUTPUT(#01)

You broke the ice on Part 3 and you are ready for the next challenge

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