Preparation Guide

The Big Picture

  • IBM Z is a family of mainframe computer hardware
  • IBM Z is capable of hosting five unique Operating systems
  • IBM Z is capable of concurrently running thousands of Operating systems on a single mainframe
  • z/OS is the IBM Z flagship Operating system and the primary focus of the contest challenges
  • IBM Z manages business critical data

If curious about other IBM Z Operating systems, then visit:
IBM Z IT Infrastructure Operating systems

While z/OS has many connection services, you are only required to connect to 2 services during the contest.
Each connection service uses the same IP Address but different Port numbers.

If unable to connect from school campus, try from home. You or a faculty member may need to communicate
the following information to your school campus network administrator to ensure the following IP address
and port numbers are allowed to be accessed from the school campus network.

Connection Details:

z/OS IP Address:
Service Port
TN3270 23
SSH 22
FTP (Optional) 21
IDz (Optional) 4035 and 6715
Db2 (Optional) 5040

Please take the time to validate communication path.
From workstation command prompt:

If ping is successful, then proceed to Next: Required Workstation Software

If ping is unsuccessful, then contact local network administrator.
When contacting network administrator, pass along IP address and above Port numbers.
Workstation or network firewall software can block IP addresses and Port numbers needed to participate in this contest.

Note: During a regularly scheduled interval, the IBM Z development lab that hosts the Master the Mainframe contest is unavailable from approximately 9:30am to 3:30pm every other Sunday in central USA time zone.

Next: Required Workstation Software